What is the best time for the deer hunt?

What is the best time for the deer hunt?

You probably know already that certain times of the day give you better chances for hunting success. However, there are also a few days of the week and weeks of the month that are more suitable for hunting then the rest. Anyways, there are a few variables you should consider every time before planning your hunting trip.

Dawn and dusk
Not only deer hunters know this, but multiple types of research also demonstrated that deer are the most active at dawn and dusk. Their eyesight is the most effective during these times, and that’s when they’re trying to find some food. So, if you are hunting close to your home, you can even find some space before or after your work to see deer. An hour or two would be enough.

The rut
Most states report that rut dates are very consistent during each year. They’re also reasonably synchronous from about mid-continent and north, with peak breeding occurring around early to mid-November. Once you start moving south, these dates can vary considerably between and even within states. Therefore, it is always recommended to check with a biologist for local peak dates. On top of that, it is vital to understand the difference between peak rut and peak breeding periods. Generally, bucks will be the most active a week to 10 days before peak breeding.

There are two options you have with heavily pressured hunting lands – you can either avoid the crowds by hunting weekdays, or you can hit the weekend intentionally and let the pressure work for you. Sit tight in thick cover during the morning or early afternoon. That’s when hunters heading into the woods are more likely to move deer.

Moon position
According to a few pieces of research, moon position has a significant impact on deer. When it is directly overhead or underfoot, the moon causes deer to feed more profoundly. The very best time for deer hunt is when these moon positions coincide with either dawn or dusk. Whenever it happens, you can be sure that it is the perfect time for a deer hunt.
Although all these environmental and biological factors are significant, we know that it’s sometimes impossible to pick these perfect times due to other obligations. So, don’t worry too much about that. If you can utilize the ideal times – great, but if you can’t, you should get out there and have fun.