Jewell Trigger Adjustments

The main reason so many shooters use Jewell triggers and why it’s so popular is because of it’s ability for shooters to easily adjust the trigger.  There is not need to remove the action from the stock or chassis, the trigger can be adjusted externally with screws that are fitted into a nylon insert.  This maintains the trigger settings without the use of the thread locking compounds.

Sear Engagement

In = Less Engagement
Out = More Engagement

Set Overtravel

In = More Travel Out = Less Travel

Set Pull Weight

In = More Force Out = Less Force

The Safety

The Jewell trigger HVR is available with an optional safety.

The Bolt Release

The Jewell Trigger is avalible with an optional bolt release.

This release is similar to the lever of a standard Remington 700 and is made of Aircraft grade stainless steel.

So Why We are popular

  • THE JEWELL TRIGGER, USED BY MORE SHOOTERS THAN ALL OTHER AFTERMARKET TRIGGER MANUFACTURERS COMBINED, AND will give your custom and Remington 700 series and Winchester model 70 rifles an amazing improvement in accuracy and consistency not available with factory triggers.
  • The Jewell custom and hand-built triggers stay true through every shot braking like glass on every pull, it's the key to shots that make hunting or competitive shooting not only more precise, but gives an exacting pull weight every shot.
  • The historic highest quality Jewell Trigger, proudly made in the USA for over 30 years.