Top 5 Hunting Games for PC

Top 5 Hunting Games for PC

Top 5 Hunting Games for PC

We love hunting simulations, and we know many people within our community who like it as well. There have been so many different games in the last 20 years which were exciting to play. So, it was a tough job to choose only five of them, but we still believe the following games are the best you can try.

The Hunt

This game is hot! You can hunt in ten of North America’s regions with a wide variety of maps. When it comes to gear and weapons, you can choose authentic stuff to shoot over 20 different species. Although the graphic is a bit outdated, The Hunt still provides you with a real hunting experience that every true huter enjoys.


You can play Bigfoot with your friends or through a single-player mode. The goal is to protect yourself from dangerous creatures while you explore different areas. During your journey, you’ll have to set traps while encountering various weather conditions. Most importantly, you’ll have to think a lot since bigfoot are smart, and they’ll also be looking for you!

Hunting Simulator

In this game, you have to be very careful while approaching animals, usually birds and predators. Why? Because they can see, hear, and even smell you! So, the point is to stay calm and tiptoe while exploring green forests. The most significant advantage of this game is that you can go into Co-Op mode with your friends, go on different adventures, and have a lot of fun!
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn
Go back in time, and enjoy the oldest beasts our world has known. Yes, we’re talking about dinosaurs! This is a pretty authentic hunting simulation since you need to be super careful in order to survive. You can choose between different maps, such as jungles, forests, or beaches, where you can choose different weapons. Also, the game is much easier than the previous version.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

The open world of theHunter is super attractive because it offers the most immersive hunting experience. You can either play it with a team (up to eight friends) or solo. So, what’s so great about the game? First of all, there are complex animal behaviors that are realistic. Plus, there are day/night cycles, different weather environments, and various missions.
If you are a true hunting lover, you’ll definitely enjoy playing at least one of these fantastic hunting simulations.