The American Sniper – Remembering Chris Kyle, A True American Hero

The American Sniper – Remembering Chris Kyle, A True American Hero

Known as the American Sniper, Chris Kyle was a US Navy Seal. He truly earned his reputation as the most successful sniper in U.S military history with the staggering count of about 150 confirmed kills.

After his service ended, Kyle took the time and wrote a bestselling autobiography symbolically named American Sniper. Being the noble, selfless man that he was, he donated a big chunk of money from the book’s profits to veteran charities and the families of fallen military servicemen.

He was shot to death by a U.S military veteran suffering from PTSD whom Chris was trying to help deal with the illness.

As part of his book, Chris ended up describing his longest successful shot from his Lapua .338 sniper rifle from the absolutely unbelievable distance of 2,100 yards (nearly 2km).

It’s that shot we all love to talk about and it’s that rifle we always end up analyzing. Let’s take some time and review the rifle.

Based on the research we did, the scope on that rifle is Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T Illuminated model. Looking at Chris’ time of service, the scope features the TMR reticle which makes the famous shot that much more impressive. Would you be able to hit the target at that distance with the magnifier set only at x10?

The specs of his Lapua rifle are actually unclear, but based on further research his rifle resembles and looks a lot like a McMillan TAC-338 rifle. The photo of Chris’ rifle from his book looks identical to the TAC-338. The specs that are on the McMillan and probably on Kyle’s Lapua rifle are as follows:

– McMillan G30 Long Action
– McMillan A5 Stock with integral adjustable cheek-piece, spacer system for an adjustable length of pull, flush cups, and one stud
– Schneider 26.5” Medium-Heavy Contour Barrel with 1:10” twist
– McMillan tactical muzzle brake
– Leupold Mark 4.35 scope we mentioned above with an M1 turret and illuminated mil-dot reticle
– McMillan 20 MOA scope base
– McCann Industries Integrated Rail System Rifle Mount
– Turner Saddlery Synthetic Leather Sling
– Harris 6-9” Swivel Bipod

That’s it, folks. While we consider this blog post our way of paying respects to the National Hero that is Chris Kyle, our dear friends at Vestal Customs took it one step further and made the replica of his .338 Lapua Sniper to truly immortalize the symbol of Chris Kyle. We are proud to say their replica includes one of our own Jewell Triggers. And, of course, if you want the very same trigger you can get it here.