Six pheasant hunting tips

Six pheasant hunting tips

Six pheasant hunting tips

Pheasant hunting is an excellent way for beginners to get introduced to some hunting essentials. We’ll talk about six vital pheasant hunting tips you should learn as a beginner.


Be as quiet as possible

The slam of a truck door can alert pheasants in the same way it would a whitetail. Pheasants hear quite well, and they will head for thicker cover when they feel threatened. You can get away with whispering, closing doors quietly, and using hand signals as much as possible.


Have a bird dog

It’s true – you might be successful by walking through cover and flushing birds without a dog. However, the most successful hunters are those with a good bird dog – that’s a fact. Your dog will help you find more pheasants and other upland birds. Also, it will track down pheasants after they are shot.



Private hunting clubs, where hunters train their dogs before hunting pheasants, are gaining more and more popularity over the years. These clubs start opening before the general pheasant season and are great places to give bird dogs exposure to pheasant hunting. Bring your rain gear and wait for a perfect storm that offers some of the best opportunities for bagging a pheasant.


Stay calm and take your time

A lot of old roosters survive thanks to the impatience of hunters. Hunters often move through the cover too fast, which is a terrible mistake since pheasants can simply circle behind them into safety. Work through the cover in a zigzag fashion. Frequent pauses are another excellent way to get roosters to flush. Even a brief stop is enough to get a bird holding tight to lose confidence.


Choose the right shot

Although many hunters prefer 20-gauge pheasant hunting shotguns, some of us like 16-gauge, and even the ever-popular 12-gauge, often used for duck and goose hunting. Go for a larger size than if you were using lead if you used steel shot. The lead shot will also not be used on public lands. Instead, the correct option would be a size-4 steel shot.


Pheasants move often

Pheasants move through different habitats during the day. Such a movement leaves them holding to edges frequently, so many hunters target big chunks of habitat. However, it is essential to check out places like fence lines and ditches. Any pheasant habitat transitions to another can offer excellent hunting.