Mental Benefits of Hunting

Mental Benefits of Hunting

Mental Benefits of Hunting

We live in an era where so many people, outside of our hobby, question hunting ethics and purposes. As hunters, it is difficult for us to understand where the concern comes from because we see and live the benefits it produces. Beginner hunters are also wondering if the benefits are worth dedicating your time and money. In this article, we will focus only on mental benefits that fuel our minds and bodies.


Responsibility for the land

Hunting connects us to the land and makes us more tuned in with its future. It makes us feel more responsible for forces that affect the ground, and we are more likely to take action against laws or human activities that will harm it.


Generation to generation

Not only can hunting anchor us to the land, but we believe it also builds stronger connections with the people around us. Hunting tends to be a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. We can’t bring back fonder memories than those spent learning the art from fathers, grandfathers, and uncles.


Hunting improves critical thinking

Hunting will sharpen your critical thinking skills. Think about what all goes into hunting preparation. Can you scout and spot animal signs such as bedding areas and travel lanes? Can you take these signs along with hunting pressure, weather, animal behavior for the season, and create a strategy to put you in a spot to harvest an animal? That’s a higher level of thinking and is a skill that greatly benefits you in your day to day life.


Hunting improves quick decision making

Not only critical thinking skills are sharpened but making quick decisions as well. Those few minutes where adrenaline is pumping are filled with decisions that must be made immediately. Do you take the shot now? Is there a better opportunity? Do I need to relocate? You have to make all these decisions within a few seconds. Putting your mind through these situations trains it to make quick and precise decisions outside of the woods.


Our body fuels the mind

Multiple studies have shown outdoor activity dramatically reduces tension and cognitive fatigue, depression, and anxiety! The exercise gained during hunting leads to a sharper and healthier mind. We can’t think of any other experience that brings all of these mental benefits in one package. Hunting was a method of survival for our ancestors. And nowadays, hunting still relays all these numerous psychological advantages.