Long range shooting tips

Long range shooting tips



So, you have visited us in Texas, and bought yourself a shiny new Jewell Trigger for your rifle. On the ride back home, you caught yourself smiling about what a pleasure it will be taking your rifle out on a journey. You finally arrive, get in the house, attach the trigger, pack up your gear and get out. 

You are thinking about some long range shooting. You put your targets further away, positioned yourself and started pulling that trigger. After a few shots you realize you just can’t hit the damn thing. 

While it’s easy to blame your new Jewell Trigger for missing, the truth is long range shooting is a skill that you can’t become a master of in one day. With a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when shooting at a target from a long distance, this skill takes time and patience to be properly honed. 

Take a look at the following tips to improve your long-range game. 



  • Shoot on the Pause 



Hitting a target at a long distance has a lot to do with breathing. You want your shot fired after inhaling and before exhaling. In fact, if your target is at a distance that is considered really long and you want to hit it accurately, you will actually need to hold your breath. Eliminating all body-movement is one of the deciding factors in precise long range shooting. 



  • Follow through 



Releasing the shot and following through needs to be made without undue movement. You should squeeze your Jewell Trigger with the center of the pad of your index finger and your fingernail parallel to the trigger guard, allowing the motion to be straight back. 


When you get this down, the next thing to practice is maintaining a fixed gaze through the scope. Blinking or flinching while pulling the trigger have major consequences on hitting the target. 


  • Study the wind 


Your target is the constant, the wind isn’t. When the bullet trajectory reaches about two-thirds on its way to the target, that’s when the wind starts really messing up your shot. Not only that, but there can actually be multiple wind directions standing between you and the perfect long range shot. Recognizing where and how the wind blows and making the according adjustments will go a long way in straightening your shooting. 



  • Proper positioning



Get into a comfortable position, and most importantly, relax. Your rifle has to point at the target naturally with the crosshairs in the right place. If you find that you need to realign the rifle, move with your whole body starting with the legs, rather than just twisting your torso. 





The only real way to master long range shooting is practice and patience, but we hope we provided you with enough advice to sharpen up your practice immediately. 

Let’s go over it again real quick. 

Once you attach your Jewell Trigger to your rifle and start practicing long range shooting, it’s important to properly position yourself, focus on your breathing, pull the trigger straight back and eliminate body-movement when firing.