Four hunting misconceptions

Four hunting misconceptions

Four hunting misconceptions

Non-hunters often have an opinion about us as barbarian, ruthless animal killers. Anyone who ever had any hunting experience knows that such a statement is nonsense. Therefore, lets go through some of the common misconceptions and explain why they’re false.

Myth #1 – Hunters are aggressive towards the animal kingdom

Many people outside the hunting world have an opinion that hunters are cruel to animals. Thats just not true. Hunters are killing animals, of course, but the thing is they would die anyway by another predator. Or, they could be hit by a car or starve to death. When hunters shoot them, it is much faster and the most ethical way of death. On top of that, hunters are paying money every year for the improvement of wildlife. Hunters contribute to the habitat, investing in the health and protection of the animals.

Myth #2 – Hunting is harmful to the environment

Some people believe that, besides mass slaughter, hunters are also disrupting the natural order of the life cycle, as well as the food chain in the ecosystem. All three claims are false. Hunting helps in preventing the overpopulation of particular species in the ecosystem, and also, it is super useful in food chains that lack natural predators. When the number of one species gets increased, all other members of the ecosystem suffer. Thats why hunting is so helpful it is the only way to balance these things if there are no natural predators.

Myth #3 – Hunters destroy properties

Legal hunters are never responsible for the destruction of any private or public property. Instead, they clean their spots after finishing their hunting sessions. Every experienced and smart hunter wont scare animals away with trash and scent. Therefore, any damage to public properties, such as building signs and materials, are not consequences of legal hunting. Every true hunter will not scare animals, and also, he/she wont do any damage to properties.

Myth #4 – Hunters are only men

Non-hunters often think that hunting is only for men and that younger people and women have nothing in common with it. It is such a false statement, the same as all previous ones that we mentioned. Just check some of the names on Google Deborah Jo, Eva Shockey, Donna Carpenter, etc. Youll see that these women are very influential in the hunting world. Many women, especially in the USA and Canada, enjoy hunting nowadays. Theyre sharing all that pride with the male hunters.

For those of you out there that believe any of these myths, it may be time for you to go out and get to know someone who hunts. You may be surprised in what you learn.