Coyote Hunting Tips & Tricks

Coyote Hunting Tips & Tricks

Coyote Hunting Tips & Tricks

The coyote is one of the most interesting canines to hunt. They are crafty, intelligent, and often do not even give their presence away when they are around. The hunting techniques for this animal are far different than other predators because traversing open ground without being seen is key to their survival. This article will teach you some essential tips and tricks to help you hunt coyotes more efficiently.

Pay attention to wind directions

Coyotes tend to travel along ridgelines during most times of the day. If their main mode of travel is across open ground such as this, you may have a challenge hunting them without having your scent carried. However, there is a way to have much better results constantly.

The first is to pay attention to the wind direction at all times. Coyotes are usually no more than 100 yards away from where they pick up your scent, so being downwind of the coyote will give you an advantage.

Be very quiet

Be very quiet when calling the coyote (we will get into how in a moment). The sound of your call will travel up to 100 times farther than the noise you make walking through the woods. Taking this into account, it makes much more sense to walk along ridgelines and locations that offer more concealment when you are in the woods.

Should you hunt with a partner?

Coyotes travel alone in most cases, so hunting with a partner is not critical unless you want to work on flushing the coyote out of hiding (which I do not recommend). For hunters who like to use calls, make sure your call can be heard from at least 500 yards away.

Predator call

If you use a predator call, do not give a long series of howls, or coyotes may start investigating the sounds from over a mile away. Sometimes doing it once is enough, and sometimes you have to play around with it until you get it just right. Make sure your batteries are fresh for this reason, so you do not lose the element of surprise early on.

Never leave your calling out in the open where it could be seen by other hunters or the coyote you are after. If coyotes see movement, they will never come into that call because there is no way to tell what makes that movement. If this happens, find another spot to set up your call in the direction of where you saw the coyote go.

Hunting Coyotes can be a thrilling experience, and can also be beneficial to the surrounding areas.