4 Ways to Attract More Animals to Your Hunting Property

4 Ways to Attract More Animals to Your Hunting Property

4 Ways to Attract More Animals to Your Hunting Property

If you are serious about improving your hunting land for an increasing number of deer, turkeys, and other wildlife, then you must give these four areas of focus on your hunting property a serious look.

Let Mother Nature do some of the work

Letting nature take its course and working within her means will bring you the most results for your time and effort. If you have tall grass or a weed problem that is causing an issue with hunters tracking through more than just your hunting area, now is an excellent time to work on that. Maintain your hunting area by removing tall grass, weed patches, or anything not food producing. Consider using innovative farming techniques to bring the wildlife back into the places you are hunting.

Research brings results

Find out what types of animals live on your land now and how they are traveling through the area. For example, if you see many tracks and scat in an area but do not see much activity, try to entice them with food plots. These may include clover, chicory, or alfalfa planted and heavily fertilized. Another way to attract the wildlife in your area is to plant native vegetation that will produce fruits and nuts to create a food source for them. Knowing this information about your hunting property will help you understand how to get the most out of your habitat and attract more wildlife in general.

Build a new stand

A stand is elevated platform hunters conceal themselves while they hunt by sitting or standing on it. A new stand is an excellent way to attract more animals to your hunting property and can be a fun project as well.

A new stand does not have to be permanent – it can include an elevated platform or tree stand that you move from tree to tree every now and again, allowing the wildlife time to become accustomed to its presence before hunting it.

Hunt more than one property

If you have the time, money, and resources to hunt multiple properties – do it! You can even consider leasing additional hunting spots that may be of interest to you. That is an excellent way to see new areas and possibly increase your chances at harvesting games because there will not be as much pressure. If your hunting spots are well maintained, and there is plenty of natural vegetation, then it’s time to sit back, relax, have a steady trigger finger, and enjoy the show!

Good luck this spring, everyone!