4 Shooting Positions Every Beginner Needs to Master

4 Shooting Positions Every Beginner Needs to Master

4 Shooting Positions Every Beginner Needs to Master

For every beginner, it is of the utmost importance to go through the complete learning process. Shooting positions are, of course, an essential part of it. To become an excellent shooter, you need to master, at least, four positions that we’re going to mention in this article.

Standing shooting position – Offhand

Not only is this position the fastest to assume, but it gives the shooter the best field of view, which allows him to see even over the tall grass. However, it’s the least stable position, so you should care about foot positioning. Stand perpendicular to the target and place your support hand under the rifle forend, with the elbow pointing DOWN. Use stronger hand to hold the grip, with the elbow pointing OUT.

Standing shooting position – Support

You should use this position whenever it’s possible. Support can come from multiple sources – a tree, pieces of equipment, etc. Of course, a tree is, by far, the best because you can always find the appropriate one, and you don’t have to carry it. Just take your non-dominant hand and form a letter “V” with your thumb and index finger. Make sure that nothing touches the barrel of your rifle. It can disrupt your accuracy while aiming.

Kneeling shooting position

After standing shooting position, this one is the second fastest to assume. Plus, unlike the previous one, it is a stable position. Kneeling is super useful when you don’t have much time to take a shot. What you need to do is to place your dominant side knew on the ground and form a 90-degree angle with a non-dominant knee. If possible, turn your dominant side foot as much as possible, so it can contact the ground, and then sit on your foot. You’ll be far more precise than while sitting on the heel. However, if you’re not flexible enough, you’ll have to go with a worse option. But even then, you can use additional measures, such as shooting sticks, to help you stabilize the position.

Sitting shooting position

The sitting position is more stable than kneeling but takes more time to master. If you have enough time to prepare the shot, this position is the best. The most significant advantage of sitting over kneeling is the fact that both elbows get support instead of only one. The first few times you try this position, it will seem hard and uncomfortable. But, once you learn it, you’ll improve your accuracy enormously.