4 Hunting Strategies for Success in the Wild

4 Hunting Strategies for Success in the Wild

4 Hunting Strategies for Success in the Wild

Hunting is a time-honored tradition and has been a way for humans to survive in the wild since prehistoric times. In this blog post, we are going to talk about four hunting strategies that you can use when you are out in nature. These tips will help improve your chances of survival if you find yourself lost or stranded with no food on hand!


Stalking is the most common hunting strategy. When you stalk an animal, you are slowly moving through the forest to try and get as close to your prey without it noticing. However, if there’s too much noise in the area or if your steps aren’t quiet, then this could be a lost cause!


If stalking isn’t working for you, then try spotting your prey. Look out for tracks and look on the ground to see where they are going so that you can predict where it will be when you get there. It is a great hunting strategy if there’s no cover around or if stalking isn’t working because animals tend not to notice someone who might otherwise have been hidden by the forest.


If you have no luck with either of those hunting strategies, then try luring your prey to where you are! For example, if there’s a stream in the area and plants that animals eat grow near it, then toss some meat into the water as bait. The animal will smell it and come over for a drink only to find that there’s no meat left to eat. It will then be forced to go back into the forest where you can easily spot it and shoot on sight!

Hunting in Packs

If luring doesn’t work for you, try hunting with a group of people. It is an advanced strategy because not everyone knows how to hunt, or they may not want to help you out. If it’s just one other person with you, this strategy won’t work because the animal will flee if it sees that there are people in the area who aren’t moving together as a hunting pack would.

Finally, be sure to dress appropriately when going on a hunt so that your prey doesn’t hear you before they see you. Wear bright colors if there’s a lot of noise around, or wear camouflage if the area is quiet, and it will be easier to blend into the trees without being spotted!