Simpler is Better

Jewell Triggers are ultimately set before they leave our shop, we understand that one of the biggest selling points is that the Jewell trigger is completely adjustable for pull weight, over travel and sear engagement while in the rifle without the need for removal from the stock, or the trigger from the action, the Jewell trigger is the ONLY Precision trigger manufacturer that has that convenience. Period.

We've been doing this a long time, and have perfected the ultimate design configuration for hunting or competitive shooting.

Therefore, to put it in very straight forward terms in regards to our time tested and successful design 'Simpler is Better'! We will always strive to improve ANY aspect that pertains to our product, and we sincerely appreciate the patronage the shooting community has shown and continues to show us as we move forward.

- Happy shooting and THANKS!
President, B. Jewell

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Why is this trigger so popular?

THE JEWELL TRIGGER, USED BY MORE SHOOTERS THAN ALL OTHER AFTERMARKET TRIGGER MANUFACTURERS COMBINED, will give your custom and Remington 700 series and Winchester model 70 rifles an amazing improvement in accuracy and consistency not available with factory triggers, the Jewell custom and hand-built triggers stay true through every shot breaking like glass on every pull, it's the key to shots that make hunting or competitive shooting not only more precise, but gives an exacting pull weight every shot, the historic highest quality Jewell Trigger, proudly made in the USA for over 30 years.



Jewell Triggers - Hand made in the USA for over 30 years